Host a Bridal Show with Rock the Aisle!

Rock the Aisle Bridal is a niche advertising agency that specializes in researched-based bridal prospecting.We produce 24 high energy bridal shows annually in NJ and the Philadelphia metropolitan area. By partnering with Rock the Aisle, your venue will be exposed to thousands of newly engaged couples that are looking for the perfect venue for their bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and wedding reception.

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Our Process

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The biggest difference between choosing a marketing agency as opposed to a bridal show company is that we take the time to identify your current marketing strengths and weaknesses. Our 5 step process ensures you that all of your sales and marketing goals will be met.

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Cost to the Venue

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The great benefit of partnering with Rock the Aisle is that there is NO COST to host a bridal show. While we do have paid packages, 100% of the fees goes directly into television, radio, or print advertising.

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Our client portfolio spans from stand alone wedding venues to large corporations with multiple properties. Just as no two weddings are the same, we understand that each one of our venues’ bridal show requires a unique marketing mix.

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Rock the Aisle Bridal has over a decade of combined experience marketing to the 18-35 female, newly engaged demographic. Our media sponsors create a lasting impression on our shows and serve as a huge media outlet. With Rock the Aisle our sponsors can attest that our shows bring in a high voltage of energy and brides!

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Rock the Aisle provides a marketplace for your business, making it easy for brides to identify your business. We provide the necessary tools for businesses to connect with brides as well as plan their wedding. Rock the Aisle is devoted to only choosing the highest quality of wedding professionals and as a matter of fact 85% of our attending brides agree! Rest assured that you will be meeting the highest quality prospect as 80% have completed post secondary education and over 74% have a combined average household income of over $50,000.

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Recent attendee show surveys report that 64% of our brides come to our show to meet catering and wedding professionals. Essentially, Rock the Aisle strives to meet the demands of both brides and wedding professionals. We attract brides into your venue who are ready to make buying decisions! % of our brides strongly agree that our vendors our knowledgeable and helpful to satisfy their bridal needs.

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Booking Deadlines:


Advertising decisions should never be rushed or taken lightly. We need time to plan together.

Spring 2013 Season: SOLD OUT

Fall 2013 Season: SOLD OUT

Spring 2014 Season:  Only 1 Spot Left!

Fall 2014 Season: Contracts must be signed by June 27, 2014.
Season runs on Sundays (excluding a few holidays) from September 14 through November 9.

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