Calling All Summer Brides!

 Bridal Expo 2013

Wedding colors are one of the most important aspects of planning your wedding. When coordinating your flower and dress colors, brides want to make sure they have the signature colors for the appropriate season. For a summer wedding, there are some hot color combinations that Rock the Aisle Bridal recommends.

Several Shades of One Color– If you have a favorite color, just use it! But don’t get too carried away. Pick one solid color and use accents and shades to create interesting accent pieces. This color combination works great with blues and greens.

Pink and Yellow– Yellow continues to be a hot summer color over the years. However, not all bridesmaids can pull off a yellow dress. Instead, brides may choose to have bridesmaids wear light pink with yellow accents. It’s the perfect complementing color combination!

Neutral Colors– Neutral colors are perfect for a summer wedding because they go with everything! Neutral colors are perfect if the reception hall and ceremony site have opposite colors. Little things make the biggest difference, so play with textures using neutral colors. Neutral colors add sophisticated touches to weddings.

Coral and Gray– If you’re thinking about having a beach wedding, coral and gray may be the perfect combination. Gray is one of the hottest 2013 wedding colors. Incorporating coral into the mix will allow the wedding to have a coral reef feeling.

Orange and Yellow– Summertime is the perfect time of the year to use a bright color combination. These radiant colors will keep the wedding cheerful. Incorporating fruit into unique centerpieces can really set your wedding apart.

Red, Black and White– This combination is perfect if you want a classic combo. Using red accents on flowers, invitations, etc. will never go out of style. This is a great combination if you want your reception to be timeless.


Be sure to attend a NJ Bridal Show to learn more about summer wedding color combinations. Wedding professionals will be at every bridal show and can give you suggestions on how to play around with colors to make your wedding one-of-a-kind.