Brides you’ll Love to See

Rock the Aisle Bridal is committed to bringing qualified, modern brides to our exhibitors in order to provide wedding professionals the tools necessary to expand their business and become more effective. We are proud to produce over twenty four well attended bridal shows across two states annually and create high quality marketing collateral for top tier reception venues.

So who are ours brides? Brides that attend our shows are energetic and eager to book, newly engaged women. Our last bridal season had on average 124 pre-registered brides per show with an average of over 90 attending brides between 23 -27. Rock the Aisle Brides are every exhibitor’s dream!

Who else will you see a Rock the Aisle? 

  • Ages ………….20-28
  • Attended/Graduated College……….89.1%
  • Employed………77%
  • Average Engagement Length…….14 months
  • Expected at Wedding……138 guests
  • Average Annual Income……$68,500
You’ll love to see our brides, because our brides are thrilled to meet you! They are looking for the perfect company to make their special day everything they have dreamed. Click the Link below to register for one of our shows today & jumpstart sales for your company.