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Close More Sales

Prospecting for brides is a very expensive task that consumes most of our marketing budgets and energy. Oftentimes little or almost no thought goes into what to do with the very small handful of prospects that actually schedule a tour and walk-in your venue. Having a custom, professionally designed banquet book supplied to your venue at no cost and does not break the banks of your preferred vendors can be the difference between closing or losing the sale!

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Free for Venues

When you have Rock the Aisle create your banquet book, it is absolutely FREE to your venue! We even provide your venue with a free on-site photography shoot, a place for you to showcase your preferred vendors, and an expert team of graphic artists standing by to design your banquet book that fits perfectly into your brand.

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Importance of High Quality Marketing Collateral

No matter how beautiful your venue may be or how persuasive your your best salesperson is, most of the time the decision to book a reception venue is not made by the couple at the venue, it is may at home while comparing you against your competitors. In the prospect’s home where the final decisions are being made, the only representation of your venue has is your marketing collateral (banquet book).  Are you trying to sell gourmet food with words on pieces of paper and without any pictures? Banquet books help you display the best of what you have to offer in a meaningful, colorful manner.

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Free Onset Photography

Unlike most publishers we offer an exclusive free two hour photography session to showcase your banquet book. We will display these photos in your banquet book displaying your table settings, gourmet food, reception areas, and everything your venue has to offer. Our high quality photos will add an extra glimpse into your venue when the brides are looking through your banquet book!

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Free 30 Second Web Commercial

Along with the photography shoot, we offer a free 30 second web commercial, which specializes in making your banquet book come to life on camera! Rock the Aisle’s unique commercial, benefits your venue overall appeal to today’s bride. If you like, we will even filmed during an actual wedding to capture the room full with guests and their emotions!

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Showcase Your Preferred Vendors

We understand that over the years you have developed a partnership with carefully selected vendors. When you give your banquet book to prospective brides you’re not only endorsing them but you are allowing these vendors to market themselves. The difference between Rock the Aisle compared to other publishers that there is a good chance that most of your preferred vendors have already partnered with us by exhibiting at our bridal shows.

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