7 Unique Wedding Bouquets


Flowers are an important way for a bride to express herself and show off her taste and color scheme. Here are 7 unique wedding bouquets to give you some ideas for your big days!



1) This pastel colored bouquet is a perfect mix of flowers and plants for something a little different.



2) This bouquet of dark reds and oranges has the perfect amount of white to make the colors really pop.



3) These extraordinary purple and blue flowers really stand out against the white and make this bouquet one of a kind!



4) A creative way to accent your winter wedding bouquet is to add some pinecones with a little frost.



5) This multi-colored bouquet is ideal for outdoor weddings to make sure everyone’s eyes draw right to the bride.



6) A fun way to spruce up your rustic wedding is to place some bouquets around on top of barrels to draw everyone’s eyes.



7) With everyone gets colored flowers to match their wedding color schemes, an all white bouquet is a different way to have a unique bouquet.


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