7 Ceremony Pics You Need To See

The most important part of your wedding is the ceremony. This is the time you actually get to share a new journey in your life with not only your significant other, but all your friends and family. This means that it is also an important time for your photographer to get some of their best pictures in. Here are 7 ceremony pictures we think you need to see.



1) This shot of the bride and her father walking up the aisle shows the excitement for what is about to come!



2) This breathtaking photo of the bride and groom holding hands is a must for any wedding.



3) This photo of the bride and groom gazing into each other’s eyes at the altar is stunning.



4) Another must have photo from your ceremony is the exchange of rings!



5) Having a photo taken from the audience’s point of view is unique and great for any loved ones who couldn’t make it!



6) This picture of the bride and groom lighting a candle is so simple but so meaningful.



7) This black and white of the couple holding hands at the altar is simply extraordinary!


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